Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Everybody camps differently so their camping tent or trailer is different, to meet those needs. Sometimes during extended stays, there isn’t enough room to store refrigerator or freezer items, especially when a couple of meals a day are shared with a group. Our solution is to bring a small utility trailer to the lake that has a small deep freeze and a small refrigerator on it that can provide extra storage for the group. Here is a look:


Ramp down, stabilizers down and extra picnic table loaded.


Deep freeze loaded, refrigerator loaded.


Bait traps and live box loaded.


Loading ramp and stabilizer close up.

This handy little trailer sits hooked up to electricity, available to all of the jugfesters and is very stable for foot traffic when your hands are full of storage items.

Friends and kin folks are getting ready to meet at the lake.

As ice comes out of the freezer, one gallon zip lock bags 0f catfish fillets go in. Hey, ya’ gotta’ have ice in them frosty cold glasses of tea, to wash down them golden brown fish, fries and hush puppies !

Got yer’ fishin’ hat on ?

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JOJO said...

You think of everything. That is a great idea.