Tuesday, April 19, 2011


It has been windy for a couple of days now, making casting and recovering the jugs difficult. The National Weather Service had put out lake wind advisories, but we had a plan to be able to cast the jugs.


Pete took this photo of Betty and I on one of the beautiful calm mornings.

We avoided the wide expanses of open water where the wind driven swells were large and made for rough boating . Instead we traveled to a area that we hadn’t cast the jugs yet, by staying in the lee of the islands . We managed to get the jugs put out alright, but it wasn’t a pretty thing.

Recovering the jugs the next morning by the same route, we were once again damp from lake spray, and cold to boot. The jugs were tangled, hung up and driven up into shallow water. Yet, we had two good fish on.

We kept a very nice channel catfish, but photographed and put a 24 pound blue catfish back  in the lake. A fish that size can really thrash a crappie boat’s live well ! Here is a look.


Here is another look at the pretty blue catfish, taken just before I returned it to the lake.


Riding in a spray washed boat can cause a guy to have to dry even his backside at the fire !


This photo was taken by Pete after a different wet seat episode !

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Jim and Bobbie said...

Great photos. Thanks for the explanations, also.