Wednesday, April 20, 2011


GOOD MORNING LAKE GREESON ! Loud and clear it rang out over our FRS radio base station. It was 0600hrs., the usual revile time. The various camping trailers began to check in and get ready to go pick up the jugs with the night’s catch.

Family Radio Service. You know, those little hand held radios that come in so handy for lots of things.

Whether we are out in the boat, Pete is out in his kayak, walking the dogs around camp, or watching Bumpy Springtime  weather, these radios are just the ticket.

As we located and recovered the last jug that we had cast the evening before, Chuck retrieves his radio from this pocket and says, “we’re heading in, we have them all picked up”. Geri says, “ Ok, I’ll put the bacon on !”

Here is a look at our set up.


The small handheld radios on the left are in their charger and take up little room there or in a hiker’s pocket.

The base station, on the right stays permanently mounted on the wall of the office slide and is always on channel 7, with no “pl” tone for privacy.

We also use the radios daily when out in Colorado managing a campground. Often times Betty will be at one end of a 50 site campground and I will be at the other. They have proved to be a great safety and management tool !

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