Monday, April 18, 2011


During a fishing trip, some repairs need to be made, but with larger catfish, even unlimited class tackle needs some repair.

We are constantly changing our line set up to meet current needs. Some things we try, work, some don’t.


For example, this bank sinker tangles up in nearly anything it comes in contact with. Even the bait fish can foul it until a feeding catfish can’t be hooked.


But this egg sinker doesn’t hardly ever tangle up. This set up will often times pass through a brush pile with no hang up.


As we recover the jugs, we turn the ones that need repair, with the cap towards the outside.


Fresh hooks and new sinkers are in order.


After the storm, all hatches are open to facilitate drying out.


We put the live holding box up on the shore for the storm.


After our recent storm, the water in the cockpit was deep enough that the bottom tray of the tackle box was full of water this morning !

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