Friday, April 22, 2011


Last night was the first night of the full moon. Our catch went well this morning. We had two nice large channel catfish, four opelousas catfish and one blue catfish.

The large blue channel cats weighed fourteen pounds each. Here is a look at them.


One of the channel cat’s had traveled several miles down the lake towards Chimney rock.

Cleaning fish was a bit of a chore this morning, but the yield of so many pretty fish fillets made it worth while.



JOJO said...

Those are some BIG CAT FISH.
I don't know if you like rainbow trout but thats what is being caught here and they are nice and plump and run 12- 14" so far.

Brian and Sharon Scofield said...

Sure wish we were there to help ya eat them fish!!! lol

Oh by the way-I think full moon was the 17th or at least here in Las Vegas it was!! Haa,hee

Keep cathin' them fish!!!