Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Our days at the lake have been ever so wonderful ! Last evening as we finished casting the jugs we took this photo of the sunset.


Note the jug floating in the water.

The lake was almost glassy slick this morning as we got ready to pick up the jugs. Here is a look:


Betty is holding the boat towels that we wipe down the seats with. We sip on coffee and snack on honey buns to hold us over till’ a mid morning breakfast, before cleaning fish.


It was chilly as we idled out into Bear creek inlet this morning and the sun  peeked over the horizon.

Today’s catch wasn’t large, but all were small enough to taste great. We caught four nice catfish and were back at the camp ready for breakfast by nine AM.

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JOJO said...

That sure looks peaceful. Hope you caught lots of fish.
Hope to leave here Monday April 18