Saturday, April 16, 2011


We knew it was coming, we heard it on the TV and FM radio, as well as the weather radio. We decided not to cast the jugs in the evening because of the storms intensity. Since the jugs float free they are easily scattered by high winds.


As we looked at the live weather radar on our smart phone, we could judge the speed of it’s approach.


We knew that our time around the campfire would be limited and that Pete wouldn’t have time to play the Native American Flute or the Penny whistle for us. He has a new large diameter flute that has the richest sound and is a marvelous thing to hear around an evening campfire.

For portability and multi fuel use, Pete has a stainless steel campfire enclosure that can have the cover snapped in place, smothering out the fire quickly. Here is a look.


It rained enough last night that the boat’s bilge was past full and the cockpit area had two inches of water in it. It took awhile to pump the bilges !

Anyhow, the storm is past, the air is fresh and clean as only a Spring storm can make it. Since we didn’t cast the jugs last evening, we will repair and upgrade our unlimited class fishing tackle.

It may be time to run up to the tackle shop.

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Bill K said...

How come you don't have an automatic bilge pump with a float switch ?

Bill Kelleher