Sunday, April 10, 2011


The first cast of the jugs in the new boat went ok. There were some changes in the way that we do things, but, over all, it went to suit us. Here is a look at the first catch.

First cast results. Two blue and two oppelousas catfish. One blue weighed six.

First cast results. Two blue and two oppelousas catfish. One blue weighed six.

The bait fish trapping took awhile to figure out just where they were, but went well after that and we had enough bait fish to cast 24 jugs and put a few bream back in the lake.

We cast the jugs last evening in a place that is usually productive during the pre spawn and had four fish on the jug lines this morning.

We will fish kind of slow and easy until all of our campers get here then we will pick up the pace, putting out more jugs at night.

The Mossman’s and Pete and Oscar are in the Texarkana area,about eighty miles away,  so maybe we will have a pickin’ and grinnin’ around the campfire tonight !

We are at Lake Greeson, USCOE, Kirby Landing, Weston Point Campground, site 89. Ya’ better get in on this, it’ll be another year before we do it again !

So far, so good ! Come on out to the lake and lets have a fish fry !


Jim and Bobbie said...

Hay, Larry, could you educate us city folk, and explain in a blog exactly what the %$#@ is "jug fishing"? Some of us have never heard of this type of fishing.

Bill K said...

How come the pictures appear to get smaller instead of larger when clicked on ???

Bill Kelleher

mountainborn said...

Picasa is the default server to store's photo's. They seem to have changed something about their software, I think.

mountainborn said...

Here is a paste from:
Jug fishing is method of fishing geared toward folks that really want to catch a lot of fish. The typical jug fisherman will set many jugs, and therefore has many hooks and baits in the water at one time. When we go jug fishing, we typical set about 24 jug lines in the water. This means we have 24 pieces of bait and hooks in the water to catch fish.

A jug line is simply a large float with a piece of fishing line or twine attached to it with a hook (and potentially other gear) that runs below it. When a fish hits the bait and gets hooked, the float will bob or bounce, indicating that there is a fish on the line.

Most of the time, when fisherman use this style of fishing, they are going catfish jug fishing. Catfish is what they’re after, and if they do it right, they’ll get just what they came for.