Thursday, April 14, 2011


Anytime we post a photo of a large catfish that we have caught, photographed and put back in the lake, we get lots of comments.

The comments run from “are you outta’ yer’ mind !” to “way to go !”.

Here is one that we put back earlier this week.


This large blue catfish tipped the scales a bit above 45 pounds, we quickly snapped a photo and put it back in the lake.

There is just something about handling a catfish of this size, that accelerates the pulse and respirations, as well as giving a bit of an adrenalin rush !

We usually put back any fish that weighs over 25 pounds. Our thinking is that they don’t taste as good and they have more value to us, in the lake producing thousands more catfish.

1 comment:

JOJO said...

WOW What a beauty. I think your right about throwing them back.
I am heading up to Lakeside Sunday and will pick up my fishing Lic. I am going to go fishing this summer, I will more than likely throw them back.
Glad you are enjoying yourselfs.