Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Each year Amazon gives it’s workers that complete the CHRISTmas Rush Season, lots of little perks. One that we enjoy in particular is the tee shirts.

Ours arrived in the mail yesterday. Here is a look:


Large back graphic.


Front graphic on left side.

Our 2009 shirt said, “I SURVIVED”, Coffeyville 2009 CHRISTmas Season ! I wonder what the 2011 shirt will look like ?

Though not an expensive item, they are quite an conversation opener at RV gatherings.

Amazon’s facilities are so large that it is impossible to meet every one of our coworker’s and we are always seeing a tee shirt somewhere, and spending time with the wearer, visiting about our experience there, or answering questions from curious RVer’s about how to go to work there and so on and so forth.

This years tee shirt is a quality “tagless” shirt by Hanes and we look forward to wearing them for years as we travel around America’s Heartland.

We noted that each envelope that we received was addressed in the most beautiful hand writing. A labor intensive personal touch that we greatly appreciated. Yes, it was just like receiving a letter from home.

Our hats are off, to our great coworkers at Campbellsville, that make our time there so special.

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Jim and Bobbie said...

I just scheduled my mail to be forwarded so am looking forward to receiving ours soon. I think Jenifer did the mailings; I'll ask her on facebook.