Sunday, March 27, 2011


Betty and I have always enjoyed driving any part of old Historic Route 66 that we get near during our travels.

The architecture and signage are quite unique and are truly Americana at it’s finest. 

However, it is the neon that always thrills us the most, and apparently we aren’t the only ones. Here is a link to a search on You Tube for “Route 66 Neon”.

We have been known to set our clocks so that we can get up early when there is less traffic about, allowing us to roll slowly by those cool neon signs, taking it all in.

Neon signs are expensive and are hard to keep up, yet the business owners know how powerful their attraction is and think they are well worth it. We think so too and patronize those places at every opportunity.

This short video is one of our favorites. It is the theme music from Route 66, the TV show, with many of the animated signs.

Neon Highway Animated Signs

If you have a few minutes, click on the link above and enjoy the stroll down memory lane.

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Lee and Loralie said...

Love the neon lights..but getting up early is a real tough thing now days!
We spent time in an RV park in Phoenix next to another Arkansa man - Marvin from near Hot Springs. Great guy.