Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Gathering up the scraps and bits of debris, all that remained after the fatal crash of our faithful and well traveled laptop, we withdrew to the office slide.


Digging through our battered old computer bag, we retrieved a jump drive, and as I pulled off the protective cap, a few grains of sand fell out, reminding me that the old Acer had logged a couple of hundred miles of raw beach driving on Padre Island Texas.


Pouring a cup of black coffee into an antique Army cup, complete with graphics, I wondered if the flashy new Toshiba would have survived thousands of miles in a Jeep.


Hooking up the Verizon 3G device, a USB 1000, and a USB hub with cool blinking colored lights, I added a wireless mouse to speed things up. It wasn’t enough.


The service pack 1 for Win 7 was 88 mb just by it’s self ! Man did them USB hub lights go to blinkin’ !


A pot of coffee, lunch and a nap later, and I’m about half way done !

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