Friday, March 25, 2011


Sam Walton knew what the work a day world needed and he supplied those day to day needs at the lowest price.


Now a days however, with Sam gone, the decisions made in the Bentonville board room, seem to have ran amuck.

As we travel around the heartland of America we find our selves having to look in other places to find the basic needs that our simple life style demands.

Now, we don’t need exotic things or even desire them. So why is it that the things that made the wal mart fortune, are no longer available ? Is it that Sam isn’t at the helm demanding a common sense evaluation of products and cost ?

One simple example is a RV sewer cap like this one:


A simple plastic cap that every RVer in America conceivably uses more than one of each year.

Our local supercenter’s RV section has dwindled down to a small four foot wide area of shelves in the automotive department. It has no sewer cap in it and no matter how many times I ask, or who I talk to, apparently, will never have one.

As I recall, the last one I bought there cost in the neighborhood of $2.28. To find a replacement cap I had to travel out of our County and pay well over $4.50.

Some flashy boardroom executive decision to discontinue a basic needs item has cost us both.

Is it just us, or have others experienced the same kind of wal mart things ?

You would think that with so many RVer’s in and out of wal mart in a day’s time they would be aware of such simple things. I’ll bet that RVer’s aren’t the only large group of American’s that are  seemingly ignored by wal mart’s decision makers.


Jim and Bobbie said...

I went into a Super Walmart in Jasper, Texas, to find plain, black acrylic yarn. The whole yarn department has been downsized to two small end caps!!! Guess they don't care about us little old ladies who knit or crochet either!


JOJO said...

I don't understand why they are making those super stores while they cut back on so many things. I used to get black tank chemicals there that I really liked. They no longer carry that brand. I needed matt for photo's I took and they no longer carried colors. And yes as Bobbie said the yarn or other craft materials are so limited.

Brian and Sharon Scofield said...

We went to the "small" Super center in Parker AZ, where we have done most of our shopping this past winter. The funny part is all winter, when all of us "seasonal" folks were down here, you couldn't find much of anything pertaining to RV.
Then the other day, they received 25+ blue boy totes! After most of us have gone elsewhere to purchase one, and now we are leaving the area.

Now comes inventory time, they are stuck with all these blue boy totes-and guess what? Yep, they will say because they couldn't sell them-they will downsize the RV section-again!!!

I wonder if poor ole' Sam Walton along with the Colonel Sanders are rolling over in their graves....

And did you all know that ANY of the new Wal-Marts that are being built-has NO craft Dept??? Now that STINKS!!!