Monday, May 25, 2009


Zapata Falls is a rough hike wearing flip flops ! Though it is only 1/2 mile up hill to the falls, the trail is strewn with round smooth rocks that can easily turn an ankle. The falls is worth the effort, and is the kind of remote and wild places that we like.
On the post that holds the sign in the photo, some eco idiot had written " ranchers take all of this water into a pipe 100' below here !
Well, DUH ! Looney toon ! Animals and people need water and that is how this part of the world was developed. He, he, sorry for the soap box speil, I sometimes get tired of being looked down upon because I am willing to use nature's resources to survive on.
The road to Trujillo Meadows is open now, but the water system isn't up and running yet. We are still at Aspen Glade.

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