Saturday, May 9, 2009


Burntout, I thought, just plain old burnt out. Standing at the back of the Jeep, Betty and I looked off down the steep enbankment into the ravine where the GPS said the geocache was and had second thoughts about how bad we wanted to find this cache.
Our tee shirts were stuck to our backs where we leaned back on the Jeep seats, though the air conditioning was on high. Our knees were sunburnt because we had worn shorts and sandals. Our sandals crackled as we walked, from the goat heads and sandspurs that were imbedded in the soles. Our noses were cherry red from sunshine and the hot wind that had buffeted us all day.
It was nice early in the morning, except for the wind. We noted as we located a cache out near the airport that the Grumman Ag Cat crop dusters were grounded from the gusting wind.
But now, we had had it. We just looked at each other and silently turned back to the Jeep.
As we turned onto the highway that runs through Floydada, we made a discovery. Running late for lunch, we discussed having lunch at a cafe on the way back to our campsite. It didn't happen. Every cafe in town is closed from 1 Pm to 5 Pm ( heat, siesta, or who knows why ), except for the Dairy Queen, we turned in there, or I should say we tried to turn in there. The parking lot was full and the to go window's line backed out onto the highway. Looking through the large plate glass windows at the full tables inside we noted that many were fanning themselved with table menus ! There were too many people and not enough air conditioning in there.
We went back to camp to a sandwich and a nap under the air conditioning.
We talked about it. It was time to seek a higher, cooler climate.
When the sun rose the next morning, we had breakfast and all the getting ready to move chores behind us. We were at the dump station peeling off latex gloves and washing up at the outside shower.
By 1400 hours we were driveway camped at kinfolks place in Estancia, Nm,

mild days and cool nights, elevation 6400 feet.
51* in the morning when we finaly woke up. We had the windows open all night and snuggled under the travasack sleep system.
Now, myself, being of the RAZORBACK persuasion, thought that this photo below was a proper use for a LONGHORN.

We refueled in Plainview Texas and these colorful longhorn cattle were painted into the most clever advertisements !

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richies said...

It has been a long time since I have gone geocaching. Just too many things on my plate. I hope to go again soon.

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