Sunday, May 3, 2009


I began to believe that we were finally making some progress as the Spring rain approached. Earlier I had heard it booming in the distance, made mental note on how long before it would arrive, and started rolling up windows,closing doors and getting ready for the coming rain.
It had dawned upon me, during this round of activity, that the list of things to be loaded for the Colorado trip was almost non existent now.
After days of seemingly frantic activity, things had began to slooooowww Dowwwnnnn.
Our wonderful Vetrenarian had came by with her Mom, administered annual shots, gave exams and issued health papers to Dillon our retired drug dog,a Australlian Cattle dog who's fifteen now, and Poco our two year old rat terrier.
Arrangements had been made for lawn maintennance and small chores around the place. The list of things could just go on and on, up to and including the emptying of freezers and sending those things to kin folks.
Our insurance company has little understanding of retired and workamping. They have a policy that if you are gone for over sixty days, you will have to file with them for a vacancy permit. A thing that I am not sure of how it works, but does cost fifty bucks and I think it may only be good for only thirty days.
The mail has been set to forward, an earlier story, the water department has been notified, the electric bill set up for payment by internet, and so on and so forth.
Though we have been working towards this end for several months and have talked to folks like the trash service, ect., they seem a bit confused when it comes right down to the actual nuts and bolts of getting it done. For example, our trash pickup service, they have no way to put our trash pick up service on vacation mode. For them, it is either on or off. So thirty days ago we stopped the service, yet the route man still stops and waves cheerily as he sees that there is nothing in the bin.
Yesterday was a rainy day and we went to visit relatives before we depart, a sad kind of thing.
Betty had all of the flower arrangements ready for decoration day and had the labeled which goes where. Other Family members will place them this year.
We find ourselved ever increasingly looking at each other and saying " Can you think of anything we are forgetting ?"
We are within TWO days of departing.

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