Sunday, May 10, 2009


Alert ! Alert ! Change of plans ! We topped out of the pass at Mountnair Nm, on US Hwy 60, and started down the other side, as we talked about how we were gona' celebrate Mother's Day. As we arrived in T or C to visit with Chuck and Geri, we kind of forgot about it. Then as we departed for Roper State Park, traveling down I-25 South towards Los Cruces, we picked up the conversation again.
After discussing several different things we decided on a late lunch at the Pink Store in Palomas Mexico just across the border from Columbus New Mexico.
As we bailed off of the interstate and began to cut across country on secondary roads, our Microsoft streets and Trips program squaked off route until Betty pulled the plug.
Silence, open highway, windows down, cool morning breeze, . . . . . we were off da' leash ! And a' runnin' down the road chasin' a dream. No rhyme or reason, no agenda, no maps, not even the Fm radio on.
We were just totaly escaping. Roper State Park will just have to wait till' the next time, we were going to run for the border !
Arriving at Columbus Nm, we checked into Pancho Villa State Park.

A quick shower and we were ready for old Mexico !

Lunch at the Pink Store was great. Here's Betty out front with the new metal art mariachi accordion player:

The old metal art Mariachi guitar player is now near the plaza behind the store near the statues of the Calvary Generals.

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