Saturday, May 9, 2009


Three feet of snow have the road closed from Cumbres Pass to Trujillo Meadows Campground. As per our manager, we will be opening late this year. Said call him back in about a week. SOoooo. . . . We pulled out of Estancia Nm, and headed South to Truth or Consequences Nm. We are camped at the Hot Springs Spa by Chuck and Gehri ( Tumbleweed & Earthdancer ). Lots of cool stuff here to see and do ! We were given a guided tour around the place by Gehri and Chuck. Here is a look: Here is a short video of the spa's entrance and reception area:

The water in the tubs is so very clear that it is easy to misjudge the depth ! I thought the water was about four inches deep and it was nearly three feet ! I nearly fell head long into the hot tub which was 103* !
More photos of our visit to the spa by earthdancer images at:

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