Friday, May 15, 2009


Dudleyville, Arizona, a tiny little community on the banks of the Gila River. Nearby historic location of a calvary outpost on the border between Old Mexico and the U.S..
That was before the Gadsen purchase put the Mexico/US border much further South. This tiny bedroom community for the large mining operations nearby has five full bars of 1XEVDO available. We can even stream down movies if we wish to !
We use the internet for so many things that when today I realized that I needed two phone numbers of US Post offices, I didn't even give it a thought, I just automaticly brought up the numbers and entered them into the cell phone. The reason was that our mail has been going to Chama ever since the day we left Home. Chama is the nearest Post Office to our workamper job ( the one we can't get into because the snow is so deep ) and our water bill for the home in Arkansas is on it's way there. We are in Arizona muttin' around, visitin' kin, ect..
So, here we are in Arizona, the job is in Colorado and the water bill that needs paying has left Arkansas enroute to New Mexico.
I am now begining to have a better appreciation for the package delivery solution that the TECHNOMADIA'S were looking for a few short weeks ago.
We have not had a "landline" telephone or internet connection for many months now and felt that we had most of the "bugs" worked out with that, but, then a "bump in the road" requires a little more smoothing.
We have been visiting with kinfolks, sleeping too late, eating too much, geocaching and napping. Not necessarily in that order. You might have noticed the book laying on the bed in the background. It is RAISING THE HUNLEY, by Hicks & Kropf. The Hunley is a Confederate submarine in the Civil war. I spent many hours in the area and have had a keen intrest in the search for and raising of the Hunley. Reading the book has been particularly pleasing and was made more so by the hand clipped, of the period newspaper articles placed inside by BUFFALOBOB's Mom. Thanks Robert for the use of this book !
Our visits have been great, but the snow that has kept us from the Colorado job is melting daily and we will soon point the Jeep in that direction.
In this photo it shows todays inside and outside temperature and the time. Yepper, that's why I am inside writing to the blog. Click the photo for a better view:

We are already talking about a campsite up on the Mogollon Rim at 7000 feet of elevation. Now, that aught to make us pull covers at night !

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