Wednesday, May 6, 2009


0400 hours, Dillon sleeping by the bed, stirs nervously. Something has his attention. Listening carefully, the windows are open in the Olliver travel trailer, I hear it coming towards us. Just before Dillon bounds to his feet, I recognise the sound of slow, large, heavy, rain drops. Lightning flashes in the distance and I count the seconds before the sound arrives.
The rain on the roof is a signal to burrow down in the covers for a few more minutes sleep.
0700 hours, Dillon signals "ok, Harm, that's enough, get up, I need to go outside". The rain has let up and the sun is trying to peek a bleary eye through retreating rain clouds.
We have overnighted in The Chisolm Trail Campground, just North of the town of Waurika, Oklahoma. Located near a crossing on the Red River, the Chisolm Trail herders would rest up nearby after crossing the Red.
The campground is a beautifully maintained USCOE facility. The Geezer pass put us up for the night at $8., a bargain with electricity and water. Dump station on the way out.

Yesterday we traded messages with the technomadias ( Chris & Cherie ) and the phunny Pharm ( Chuck & Gehri ). We will not get near to the technomadias, but are getting closer and closer to where the phunny pharm is located.
Cell service is good here, but the data transmission rates really stink. EVDO is at 1xRTT.
Yesterday was great, even with off and on rain for most of the day, we took photos of a no foolin' actual yellow submarine and a herd of metal art painted ponies out on the Oklahoma plain. Will have to post them later as the line speeds wil not permit it now.
Update 05-07-09 add photos:

So, whada' ya' think ? Could there be a story begind the yellow one man submarine ? He, he, let the googling begin !
Today we cross the Red River into Texas and continue on Westward.

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