Thursday, May 7, 2009


By now you internet sleuths have figgured it out. Freckles Brown was a spook ! Working for the OSS ( office of strategic services ), made him one of the earliest of America's CIA operatives. His boss Bill Donovan is usually deemed to be the father of American Espionage.
But when you Google Freckles Brown, your internet returns are only about his Rodeo activities, and usually about his famious ride on a bull named Jupiter, that won him the championship.
So, how is it that a country boy wound up as a operator in the global arena ? And more importantly, why is he recognised only as a champion bull rider ? He, he, yepper ! Those are shore' nuff' the ear marks of a successful clandestine career !
Here in America's heartland we belive in our Government, well, most of us do, anyhow,and being from the Bible Belt, we are tremendously loyal. We have the core values of America and we cling desperatly to them in times of adversity.
Then, there is those other things, the things that we come by naturally by living so close to the Earth. We have good outdoors skills and read people well.
Now, if that ain't the perfect platform to build a covert operator on, then I don't know what is !
It is as simple as one two three.
One: Times is hard in the heartland, you join the Military. You don't need much, so you send money home. It helps and is greatly appreciated.
Two: You excell in the military arts because it is mostly what you were raised up doing and you have a high level of desire to serve your country.
Three: By the time you catch the eye of some secret Fedral agency that is recruiting, you are really into cool, "high speed low drag", millitary stuff and are ready for whatever the current area of need is.
I have wondered about these things, maybe it is just the time of the year. Memorial day is just around the corner.
Frecles Brown, served his Nation, returned home, learned how to fit back in to society, and, became a National Bull riding Champion. Thanks SGT. Brown for your service to America !
Here is a photo of the nearby Lane frost marker:

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