Monday, May 11, 2009


We spent one night in the Pancho Villa State Park in Columbus New Mexico and met some great Casitans that live in Las Cruces New Mexico. We had time before dark to try for the geocache that is in the park. The cache is named Pancho. We searched until it was too dark, then came back the next morning after breakfast. We did not find it ! Must be a clever hide !
We were on the road towards Arizona before 0800 hours. We bought our highest priced fuel in Demming, just before jumping on the interstate. $2.29 per gallon. As we crossed into Arizona the fuel price was $2.09 .
It was a hot quiet day on the road. You know the kind that every day on the interstate is. By 1300 hours the outside temperature was 101* ! We forgot about economy, rolled up the windows, turned the air conditioning on high, kicked the Jeep up to seventy five and let the miles roll by.
We didn't want to go onto Tucson because of the time of the day, school was letting out, and traffic really backs up on the surface streets then. We skirted around town going out past one of the oldest Spanish Missions in The US, the San Xavier Mission and School.
Here is a photo of one of the passes that we went through.

The climbs up through those passes really cut into our gas mileage with the A/c on and running at seventy five. But not as bad as we have seen in West Texas fighting a head on wind.
We arrived at kinfolks house in Sahuarita, South West of Tucson, up high near Helmet Peak. When looking down into the valley towards Tucson in the evenings, there is always a breeze and the lights of the city below twinkle wonderfully.
Beautiful place, slower than slow internet speeds.
Here is a official description of the terrain we traveled through on this day:

So, here we are, driveway camping and visiting kinfolks, soaking up atmosphere, in Sahuarita, Arizona.
Maybe tomorrow will bring some exotic photos and places, but I really am enjoying visiting kin for now.

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