Sunday, May 10, 2009


Spa's are a dangerous thing ! They will knock you out ! Or make ya' act as crazy as a July road lizzard ! As a part of the fun and friviolity, we have been trading imaginary stories on the Oliver Forums, , in the camping thread about a dip in the Riverbend Hot Springs. Please understand that none of these things actually happened, but we are sure havin' fun stretchin the story further and further out of shape.
Photo by earthdancer images
It all started off with a gag photo where I was making believe that I was doing a cannonball into the spa. Here is the photo:

Now, here is my last post to the gag forum thread: photo by earthdancer images
WooHoo ! When Chuck noticed that I was about to be lulled to sleep by the mineral waters, he challenged me to a cannon ball contest ! Now, that woke me up ! I thought I would have the advantage because of my size, but Chuck was ahead on style, until the folks over in the next spa complained about the noise and spray coming over the lattice works. We even got the number score cards that Betty and Geri were holding up wet.
I guess that we didn't hear the management of the spa pounding on the door, Chuck likes his Hip Hop tunez a bit loud, but the Police night sticks pounding on the door got our attention really quick.
After the ladies posted bond, we had a late supper at the niftyiest' ( is that a word any where besides the Ouachita mountains ? ) place.
Yeh, were' a' havin way too much fun in T or C, New Mexico !
Like this photo of a metal art bull, our wild story has been a lot of bull:

This photo was taken as we sadly parted company with Chuck and Geri at Truth or Consequences New Mexico, moving on west towards Roper State Park.

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