Wednesday, May 20, 2009


We arrived in Chama Nm this afternoon, dumped tanks, bought a few groceries and headed up to Cumbres pass. The pass is open and the steam train has work crews out getting ready for the Holiday weekend that is coming up.
The forest service road that climbs up to Trujillo Meadows was open so we just naturaly drove up it, dragging the Jeeps under carriage and the Ollie's axle in deep snow occasionaly.
We were within 1/4 of a mile of the campground, the gate is still closed, when the road was blocked by a Jeep Cherokee 4x4, stuck in deep snow, in the middle of the road. A Dodge 4x4 was trying to pull it out, but had broken its small nylon straps. We dug out our recovery strap and they got the job done. Here is what it looked like when we arrived. After they were out they helped direct us in a multiple cut back and forth to get us turned around.

We will spend the night at the Cumbres steam engine station, at ten thousand and twenty two feet of elevation.
Another look at the "high centered" in the snow.

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Lorac said...

When is the usual time for the snow to be melted?