Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Twenty miles to the nearest labanderia or laundromat and twenty back. The large washer costs $4. per load, then there is drying costs, ect..
We don't want to spend our day off doing laundry, so, we do it in camp. Yep just like granma' used to do. If ya' aint' never done it before it might seem complicated, but for hill folks it jest' comes nachurl !
The blackened, from heating water over the fire, small tub doesn't have a size number on the bottom, you know, like the one that Granny Clampet hung on the back of the truck for the journey to Beverly Hills. Hers was a #3 wash tub and had that number on the bottom. Ours is quite a bit smaller and has no njumber on the bottom. It is often referred to as a foot tub or a peck bucket. Most of the other stuff is pretty much self explanitory.

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Meanderthal said...

Have you considered micro fiber camo thongs? Dries faster.