Monday, May 18, 2009


Size matters. We've all seen the Tv commercials and the decals on the back of pickup trucks, well, here is the open pit copper mine equivalent:

You see a haul truck sitting in the bed of a newer and larger haul truck, but the bed it is sitting in is by no means the largest one out there.

In this photo, the Jeep and Ollie look larger than they actually are because they are sitting aproximately twenty yards closer to the camera. In reality, the Ollie and Jeep would both fit in the bed off of that size of haul truck with lots of room left over. Here are the actual specs on the truck and bed:

Now, in an underground copper mine, sometimes size goes the other way. In this photo you are looking at a compressed air powered train engine. It is low to the ground and built very compact, the operator just kind of hangs on, sitting on a small board when operating the controlls.

Smaller yet, this ore car is hand operated and rolls on narrow gauge tracks.
So depending on the situation, size does matter, but, larger ain't always better. He, he, ok, now, guys, no charge for that line ! Feel free to use it as needed.

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