Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Our first day on the road, we stayed with it until El Reno Oklahoma, just the West of Oklahoma City on I-40. Overnighting on Wal Mart’s parking lot. Waking up early, we were ready for more road, and the Murphy Station wasn’t going to open up until 7AM. After a quick breakfast, we hit the road, arriving at Estancia New Mexico in the evening. The Cook family’s most gracious hospitality is always one of the high points of our journey West.

Winds forecast for the next day was bad for high profile vehicles.  Our Coleman 5er, that we call SPF-60, because it can nearly totally block the sun, is definitely in the high profile vehicle category. The winds would be gusting up to 60MPH. We chose to get a very early start, getting up at 0415 hrs, to try to out run the winds up into the shelter of the canyons of the Rocky Mountain’s front range.

We arrived at Aspen Glade campground about mid morning, as the wind was beginning to really pick up.

Here is a look.


A look at the rear of the land train.


How about those giant Ponderosa Pines ! Oh, yeah ! Let the settling in begin !


Dave and Susie said...

I notice your pulling a truck and in other posts you sometimes pull a boat. Have you ever been stopped for being too long?

mountainborn said...

No, never have, we see rv doubles all the time. Never worried about it. West of the Mississippi River, most states are 65' and 75' length for commercial vehicles, but many make special provisions for Rv'ers.