Monday, June 13, 2011


Built in 1963, the bridge that goes to Elk Creek campground has done one heck of a job.


Sure, it’s been refurbished a time or two in it’s forty eight years of service to America, but, that’s still one heck of a track record.


We get to travel over this piece of history, each trip to the Elk Creek Campground.


We know that the bridge’s days are numbered, so we take this opportunity to look it over before it is gone.


The new replacement bridge is being built right beside the old one.


I wonder if our modern construction techniques will hold up for 48 years.


The contractor’s start date was in 2010.

In our lifetime the size and weight of recreational vehicles has increased astronomicly.  I’m sure that it was a tough call for the USFS decision makers, to remove such a cool old bridge. However safety is rule number one, as the US Forest Service serves America.


Dave and Susie said...

I wonder why they (Forest Service) don't make it a bicycle or pedestrian bridge out of it. Good place to hang a pole off of and fish maybe?

Happy Camper said...

We love Elk was our favorite campground. Gonna miss that old bridge!