Friday, June 10, 2011


Poco is in Squirrel heaven ! This afternoon during a snow shower, the kind that are mostly beautiful and pleasant, because they disappear so quickly, Poco treed a pine squirrel in a ponderosa pine.


Looking over his shoulder, Poco seems to be saying,” common’ Dad ! He’s too high up for me !”

Just to the left of the tree that Poco is rearing up on, is a large cedar tree. Note that it is mostly green, with little snow showing on it.


Here is another look at that same tree about five minutes before, as Poco and I were checking campsites.

Rio Grande National Forest, Conejos District, Aspen Glade Campground. 8500 feet of elevation in the Rocky Mountain’s Front Range, beside the Conejos River.

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Oscar said...

Dang, Poco! It was 100 degrees down here in San Antonio today :(

I'd much rather be up there with you, wearin' my coat and chasin' those nasty squirrels up the tree.

You're one lucky dog . . .