Saturday, June 11, 2011


Saturday morning. The campground is nearly full. Bright sunlight fills the Conejos canyon and the temperature is rapidly climbing. Overnight lows were 36*, and by 0830 hours it will be 65*, with todays forecast high being in the low 80’s. It will be another day in paradise.

We are out early, carrying steaming cups of coffee as we make our first round of the campsites, insuring that all is well and campers needs are being met.

Everything seems to be in order but a quick sweeping and light mopping makes everything fresh for the dawning day.

Soon, we are back at our 5er and it’s time for breakfast. Here is a look.


Eggs, grits, ham, toast and Aunt Maybelle’s Peach preserves ! Oh, yeah ! The campground ain’t the only thing around here that’s full !


David said...

It does look good.

Jim and Bobbie said...

Delightful post, Larry. Well, well done!

JOJO said...

Now thats a breakfast to kick start any day. Can I come live with you two? I'll help clean up. :)Heck I'll do all the cleaning up.