Tuesday, June 21, 2011



When we talk about the bears here in the Rocky Mountains, Choke Cherries nearly always come up. The cherries are such an important food source here at intermediate elevations of the Rocky’s, many species depend on them.

There is a large, beautiful Choke Cherry bush in our front yard and it is just beginning to bloom out. Here is a look.


Here is a look at the size of the bush.


No Bears so far, here at Aspen Glade Campground.


Bill K said...

What do you do when the bear comes to your front yard ?

Bill Kelleher

mountainborn said...

Tell him to leave, if he doesn't then I break out the wrist rocket and shoot him in the butt. If he keeps coming back then it's time for the 12 guage loaded with rubber bullets, that usually does it.