Thursday, June 9, 2011


We were pretty proud of our Vornado electric heaters when we first bought them. It showed in our blog entry about them. We had read some negative reports on them, but, they were out numbered by the positive ones. Here is how our Vornado experience has gone, so far.

We bought our first Vornado’s on the 25th of January of 2011 and put them to use right away. They worked well and as advertised. However, before we left out for Colorado and our first workamper job of the year, one of them had quit working. We thought, “oh, well, that can happen, sometimes”. We planned to exchange it at Bed, Bath & Beyond, at the first opportunity. The first week in May, we left for Colorado. During that trip, our second Vornado failed, working only on low heat. Total elapsed usage time, a bit under three and a half months.

Stopping at Bed, Bath & Beyond in Santa Fe New Mexico, they readily returned them for two more Vornado’s, that had simpler controls, giving us a store credit for the excess. They would have credited the balance to our card, but Betty already had eyes on something else that she needed.

Here is a look at the new Vornado’s that arrived today by UPS, they were drop shipped from the factory at no cost. Bed, Bath & Beyond rocks !


This model has three heat elements and simpler analog controls. It retail’s for just under $80.


With the fan set on continuous and the thermostat on 1, it is also a nice quiet fan.

We have test ran them and put them in service. Tonight’s forecast low is 33*, (we are expecting a couple of degree’s lower up at 8500 feet), with today’s high up near 80*, so we usually run one of the heater’s on low. Then in the morning, we kick both heater’s up on high, to quickly bring the 36’ Coleman 5er up to, “check email in your Hanes” comfort level. 

Like the other Vornado’s, these look great, heat well and move a lot of air quietly. These, however, are lower tech, and, we are looking for them to hold up better from a bib overall wearing RedNeck’s, use !

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Bill K said...

If you are interested, here is how to put the deg. symbol behind a number like 36°

You hold down the Alt key and then 0176 ( Alt0176 )

Bill Kelleher