Tuesday, June 14, 2011


The Land Train was a new experience for us. Everything worked well. The “Kawabunga” truck pulled the land train readily, even in the Front range of the Rocky Mountains. Eleven hundred miles for the first trip.

During our first pull of the land train, we noted only one problem. The driver’s side, tow dolly clearance light quit working. In this photo it is the square amber light on the front side of the fender.


After we settled in at Aspen Glade campground, I pulled the wheel off to get a better look. Here is what I found.


The assembler had left too much slack in the wires and they were rubbed into by the tire. Upon discovering the problem, I checked the other side and here is what it looked like.


Yep, it was rubbing also ! Though not rubbed completely through, it will need some attention to keep it from failing also.

Solution: A little solder, a little heat shrink spaghetti and a couple of tie wraps, and it’s a done deal.

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