Thursday, June 16, 2011


As we pulled into Aspen Glade Campground in the Rio Grande National Forest, we could hear a clattering /grinding sound, that came from the area of the tow dolly, each time the brakes were applied.

When I pulled the wheels off to inspect and repair a small wiring problem, I noted a rub line on one of the wheels. Here is a look.


Note the corresponding rub mark on the brake caliper.


A missing bolt, the lower one, let the caliper swing down to rub the wheel. Here is the missing bolt’s location.


Here is a look with the wheel removed. It looks ok at first glance, but then I found the rub line on the wheel, that shouldn’t be there. Follow up inspection to detect the cause, revealed the missing bolt.


After tightening the other three brake caliper bolts, a quick call to the factory has a replacement bolt on the way in the mail.

I view this not as a manufacturer’s short coming, but as simply part of the owner’s responsibility of maintaining the rolling stock that he herds down the road.

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Happy Trails said...

We are glad to know you and Betty made it ok to Aspen Grove. We left our AL&L job and we are now in Moab Utah!