Saturday, June 18, 2011


Memorial Day weekend, high winds were forecast. They were right. As the last of the campers pulled out on the highway headed back home, we made a round of the campground to start getting ready for our next round of campers. We found the road blocked on our lower loop. Sometime after the last of the campers left and while we were cleaning restrooms, a large tree fell. Here is a look.


The trusty chainsaw was in the back of the pickup and with Betty dragging the slash out of the way, we soon had the road back open again.

So how powerful was the wind ? Geeze, I dunno ! But I can show how big the tree was in a few pix.


As soon as the road was back open the fly fishermen started passing through again !


The tree had looked great to us before it came down, but, a close look after it was down, showed what appeared to be some very old lightning damage. Here is a closer look.



It didn’t take too long to open the road back up but the clean up will take some doing. Here is a look at the campsite with the near miss.


Here is a look at the campsite after a some chain sawing and raking.


Camping in the Rocky Mountains, Ya’ just can’t beat it !

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