Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Some may have noticed that whenever we get a chance, we abandon interstate highways for one of America’s Classic old highways. 2011, our third year of workamping, was no different. Here is the “Land Train” , pulled over on Route 66 in McLean, Texas.


McLean Texas is one of  our favorites. We couldn’t resist pulling off onto Route 66 in McLean. Here we are parked by the large Rattlesnakes sign.

Poco was giving us his, “I gotta’ go” signals, and this worked out just right.

We rolled slowly through town looking at, and noting changes.

The world’s largest ball of barbed wire wasn’t sitting on the ground anymore, but was now two balls on pedestals at the museum entrance.

The wonderfully restored Phillips 66 station has several great changes, to include a period outside covered oil change rack.


This photo was taken on a earlier trip through McLean. The new oil change rack is located to the left of this photo.

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