Sunday, May 1, 2011


After returning from lake Greeson we are parked under giant oak trees, tending to last minute details. Jugfest 2011 is over, attendance was down and some are talking of moving jugfest 2012 to another location.


The large oaks hide the satellite’s from our dome, so we have hastily put out our tripod for the few days that we will be here. Soon we leave out on our third year of traveling America’s heartland.

We will travel a similar route this year, with a few minor changes. We are nearly ready to leave for Colorado.

Spring time thunder boomers are moving through the Ouachita Mountains as I sit typing in the office slide out, washing what is likely to be the last of the pollen and oak fuzzies from the air.

Soon we will move up to about 6000 feet high in New Mexico and catch up with Springtime again, in the high dessert. After a few days there, we will move up to 8500 feet in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains to await for Spring’s arrival there.

It is once again the time of the year when we play tag with Spring !


JOJO said...

I sure hope you find Spring in the high desert. We hit 28 degrees last night. Had to let the faucet drip, but the electric heater worked great. We may see a high of 51 today. I don't mind it beats the temps in Tucson.
Enjoy your journey

mountainborn said...

Hi Jo, what is your altitude where you are ? Seems like it might be 5500 to 6000 feet ?

JOJO said...

Hi Larry,
We are at 7200 and it is cold again tonite we are now at 35. I don't mind I'm not in Tucson. :)