Thursday, May 19, 2011


Our first day on the road was a long one ! Last minute things that came up, delayed our departure until 1530hrs. We pulled the Nissan 4x4 behind the 5er for the first time. We had worked through lunch, so our first stop was in Cove at Las Chica’s for a late lunch .

On the road again, as we neared Heavener Oklahoma, Betty said we needed a bag of ice for the cooler behind the Kawabunga truck’s seat.

While she was in the convenience store, I did a quick check of everything. As I opened the 5er’s door, I got quite a surprise. Patch, our Jack Russel, met me at the door, tail a’ waggin’ !

We had commented earlier in the day that Patch sure was wanting to go with us. Well, she had found a way, by hiding in the trailer, until we were down the road.

Here is Betty and patch waiting for my daughter to come pick her up.


Luckily daughter Marie lives five miles away. Here is another view.


A friend, truckin’ Tim, saw us parked during our lunch stop and immediately dubbed it “Harm’s Land Train”.


mountainborn said...

Post Script;
We have arrived and are set up in The Aspen Glade Campground, USFS Rio Grande National forest. We are setting up a dial up speed internet connection. Nothing else available, we are down deep in the Conejos Canyon. Hope to be posting on a regular basis soon. This post made by Android tether from the landromat in Chama NM.

Jim and Bobbie said...

Good to see you blogging again...missed hearing about your travels.

JOJO said...

I heard the Jack Russel is one smart dog.
Glad you are back to posting.

Oscar said...

Patch, the hobo-dog, hitchin' a ride on the Harm's Land Train ... you go girl!!! It was a great try, but its kinda hard to put one over on that Mountainborn fella . Next time, try hidin' in the caboose. Hold off on the waggy-tail greeting thing 'til your further down the road, away from those that can fetch ya easily.