Friday, May 6, 2011


Some who follow this blog have heard me tell the story of “HUCKABEE’S PANTS”. It is just the kind of story that friends can enjoy around around the campfire in the evening.

It is a good story, that I have enjoyed, telling it time and again. And, I have had the story told back to me, as it had been related to them, by Mike Huckabee himself. So, I suspect that we both have had a lot of fun with the story over the years.


The last time I ever saw my pants was in this Mena Star photo taken by Debbie Shelly, as the soon to be Lt. Governor elect, arrived at the Mena Airport.


Here is a closer look at the newspaper’s date.


Here is a closer look at my pants. Yes, I know, Huckabee has lost weight since then, and, I have gained. Neither one of us could wear those pants now !

A mutual friend, Vietnam Veteran, and Helicopter Pilot that owns a Helicopter flying service in Arkansas, is the link that ties this story together.

It was an election eve  Monday and the “Huckacopter Blitz” was under way. Candidate Mike Huckabee  was running for the State office of Lt. Governor and he was doing a “Lightning tour” around the State, visiting with the State’s voter’s.

One of his stops was to be in the town that I was currently serving in as Chief of Police. I had been made aware of his schedule for our area and would assist with traffic and so forth at the landing site.

End of part one of Huckabee’s Pants.

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Bill K said...

Oh sure, get the suspense built up and then say end of part one. LOL

Bill Kelleher