Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Seasonal Campers, Amazon’s term for RV’ers like ourselves that work the CHRISTmas peak season for them, when the massive black Friday orders start rolling in.

A news team from ABC television was at the Green River State Park Campground interviewing RV’ers that work for Amazon and at the plant shooting video footage. Here is a link to the Diane Sawyer News Broadcast.

ABC News, Seasonal Campers, Diane Sawyer

Our campground, Indian Ridge, isn’t too far away from the State Park. We drive about eight miles each way, to and from work.

Want to learn more about the life style ? Here is a link to the Workamper News Forums. Just choose a user Name and Pass word, then scroll down to the Amazon workers forum at the bottom of the page. It is pretty interesting reading and gives quite a bit of insight to the life style. Here is the link:


We have our CHRISTmas tree up now, it’s on the desk in the office slide out. The toy dog is barking jingle bells. He, he, didja’ think ya’ would get through the season without having to hear that ?  Here is a look:

Our 2010 CHRISTnas Tree with Jingle Bell dog

Merry CHRISTmas from Campbellsville Kentucky !

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