Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Tuesday evenings at Indian Ridge campground are the only evening that most of our friends here can get together around the campfire. The various shifts of work and different days off, dictate that Tuesday’s  are best for us to all gather around the campfire and grill and chill.


There was no grilling going on this night, but, instead, there was a stack of large pizza’s delivered, right up to our campfire !

During the phone call to the pizza place the rowdy din around the campfire convinced the pizza place that it was a wild, drunken bunch they were talking to.

Jokingly, they sent us a message written in red ink on the very top pizza box. Here is a look:


The message is upside when the box is right side up !


The message reads, “ Drunk Amazon Workers” followed by a big smiley face !



I guess that we were being a bit loud and rowdy all right. Yeh, it was a good evening around the campfire with good friends !

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Pete said...

Campfires & pizza! It don't get much better than that . . .