Tuesday, November 16, 2010


After completing three days of training at Amazon, we have four scheduled days off before beginning our ten hour days.

This, we thought , would be the perfect opportunity to take in some of the local sights. On our way South through Louisville, as we arrived in Kentucky,  we tried to stop by and visit the Louisville Slugger bat company. We were pulling our fifth wheel right down into the old downtown part of town. He, he, he, now folks, don’t try that at home ! That is a stunt for highly skilled professionals ! We managed to extract ourselves from that mess without crushing any cars, or at least we think we did, and got back up on the interstate, telling ourselves that we’d be back.

Today was that day ! After breakfast we headed back to the bat factory. This time without the fifth wheel. Things went better.


At the entrance is the world’s largest baseball bat.


Once in the front doors you are looking down a wide avenue of cool stuff and the tour ticket sales.


This very large glove and ball is at the back of the avenue near the bating cage where you can try your skills at different speed levels for .01 per ball.


Souvenir ticket stubs.



Inside the Museum and tour staging area you can stand behind a dummy catcher and see what a smokin’ hot pitch coming at his glove at 90 MPH looks like ! Now that’s pretty impressive.


The small souvenir bats were a gift from the factory at the end of the tour.

Since we are tee shirt kind of folks, the half price tee shirts were a big hit !

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Jim and Bobbie said...

very interesting; we plan to go there this week also.