Sunday, November 14, 2010


No, not the final frontier, but, the storage space kind !

When we were in the 17’ Oliver, space was absolutely critical and we didn’t carry small appliances such as a toaster or toaster oven or electric drip-o-la-tor coffee makers. We picked them up extremely cheap at thrift stores, then left them at the campground for someone else to use.

Though we have much more room in our new Coleman 36’ fifth wheel, we did the thrift store thing while at the sugar beet harvest this year.

After the harvest we had decided it was time to find permanent replacements for those thrift store items. We had decided that we wanted the Black and Decker Spacemaker line of appliances in black color to match other kitchen devices.

Sears near Louisville Ky had them in stock, so we spent a day there on their parking lot making the installation and testing them out. It was late in the day so we overnighted at Walmart out by the interstate before continuing on. Here is how they look:


The toaster oven has a heat shield between it and the bottom of the cabinet.100_2304

The coffee maker shape was just right for the sink area. In the second photo you can see the voltage monitor that we run all of the time that we are hooked to shore power. Here is a closer look at it:


This is the RV park voltage ( 120 ) with all electric heat in our trailer off. It drops down to

103.4 with it all turned on. Yep this thing is telling us stuff we need to know about our electrical shore power supply. We have a plug in monitor that also tells us if the ground and neutral are correct and if they might be intermittent. All of which dramaticly shorten the life of appliances. 

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