Friday, November 12, 2010


Nearly all of our hiring on, as Amazon Seasonal Campers, was completed via the internet. We did fax some of the forms in, more as a convenience than of a necessity. We had received a series of PDF files from the Amazon HR coordinator, one of which was a list of LabCorp locations where we could stop by to submit our drug screen samples. Since we were taking the scenic route, we chose to stop at the one in Dewitt Mi., South of the Mackinac Bridge that connects the Upper and lower peninsula’s of Michigan.

We arrived in Campbellsville Ky., three days early and had been on the road and off of the grid for well over two weeks. We were ready to light for awhile.  Our cost per day, before Amazon would pick up the cost was $25.

Leaving the KOA office after registering, we immediately began to run into friends from the Coffeyville Ks’s Amazon plant and other places. Every one welcomed us and helped get us on to our site with full hookups in short order.

Here is a look at our site:


Our campsite is on a hillside. We chose it to be below the crest of the hill when North winds blow.100_2301

Here is what our hookups look like. We have our freeze proof water hose with heat tape hooked up and the water and electric are covered with a barrel from the back ditch of a truck parking lot. The barrel had been ran over, was crushed and was way too much trouble to straighten out.


We brought our 100 lb. propane tank on a dolly, have it now filled and hooked up.

A campground meet & Greet was soon set for all of us newbies and we met more folks that we had worked with at the Amazon Kansas site.

In a few days we attended the official Amazon Meet & Greet at the Marina campground meeting room. We were in a group of 96 that were in that hiring cycle.

We received our work and shift assignments. We would be on D shift in receiving, working 1700 to 0330 hours, on Wed, Thu, Fri & Sat, following three days of five hour training shifts. After that voluntary overtime would be available to those that wanted it.

Upon completion of our work assignment and release by Amazon we would both be entitled to the completion bonus, before heading home for CHRISTmas.

Some departments are already getting into voluntary overtime and the peak season is starting to build up. The Ambassadors, instructors and coaches are friendly and helpful. This is a much different and more friendly atmosphere than Coffeyville.

We have met lots of couples here  that also work for American Land and Leisure as we do, in the Summers, out in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, and some that also worked the Sugar Beet harvest.

Think you might be interested and want to ask questions ? Feel free to call us at 479.243.5450.