Thursday, November 25, 2010


Our first stop of one sight seeing day was the General Motors Corvette Assembly plant in Bowling Green Kentucky. Every Corvette built in America is made right here.


Front entrance.


If you aren’t in a Chevrolet vehicle you might have to park and walk quite some distance.

Our Ford Dually really stood out when we arrogantly disreguarded the signs and parked much closer to the tour entrance.

The tour was really great. Looking at the various stages of assembly was quite an eye opener. We can now tell the difference between the various performance levels of Corvette’s, and believe me there is a large difference.


iamthor said...

Hey Lar; You sure know how to get around. There was a time when ya were in Indiana that I was hoping to meet up with You and Betty.,,,,Bud

mountainborn said...

Hey there Bud ! We got a call to pick up the pace so we could have our drug scan completed in time for the job start.