Friday, November 5, 2010


Seems like the days that we made the least progress down the highway were the best. There are just so many cool things to look at ! We kept stopping time and again.


Friendly city workers were tidying up in the area and waved as we were taking photos.


Main street sign in Deerwood.



richies said...

Love the snowmobile rules. Something we dont have to worry about here.

An Arkies Musings

jody said...

A friend shared your site with me. I have enjoyed your travels. We live in North central AR. My husband{who is retired} & I{who still works} are thinking about work/travel when I retire but have to learn alot more about it first. Safe Travels!

mountainborn said...

Hey Jody our number is 479.243.5450. CAll up and chat about it if you guys want to. It's kind of simple actually. Betty and I are having a blast !