Friday, November 19, 2010


I love to look at old cars, rusty or restored, Show pieces or daily drivers, but, my favorite of all time is the Dussenberg. There wasn’t one here, but it was a good museum with many that the owner drives on road trips and parades.


The Museum is located in amongst his several dealerships and car lots, and many of his cars are at home still.


This beautiful Model T is ready for the road !


Note the lights and the fuel container on the running board. A $50 option then that was passed by, often times because of cost.


What a wonderful and distinctive sound this engine can make.


What ! No shift lever ! Yeh, pedals did it !


Also in this museum was a Pierce Arrow similar to the one that Grandpa Anderson cut the back off of to make into a  flatbed  pickup truck that they traveled back to Arkansas in, from Racine Wisconsin. He had been working there for the Case Tractor Company. They traveled with furniture piled high on it. It was traded for 40 acres of bottom land, to someone wanting to go to California. Yes, times was tough in them Arkansas hills back then.

For many years I still had the leather cased tire gauge that came with the Pierce Arrow. Somehow it disappeared along life’s twisting path.

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