Wednesday, November 17, 2010


You know, as in Coca Cola, not as in Cocaine. Well, not since the old days, anyhow. In Elizabethville Kentucky is a great Coca Cola Museum. Here is a look at a few of our photos. There is so much to see here that we took way too many photos. This first video is of a 1930’s electric Coke sign. Turn your audio up and listen to that mechanical contactor.

1930’s Coca Cola Sign

Right as you come in the door is this grand old Model A Coke Truck.


And it just got better and better after that !


The Coke Fountain where we enjoyed a .05 cent Coca Cola !

Here is Betty getting ready to order our nickel Cokes.


Cool carved wood museum sign.


Read this very early Coke clock’s inscription. No doubt, it’s from the early days when there was a small amount of cocaine in the formula.


Clever animated Coke can video.

Star wars R2D2 as a Coke Can

Coke sign in the men’s room.



Kathy and Robert said...

Very cool! K

Jim and Bobbie said...

Just one little minor's in Elizabethtown....

Oscar said...

Did Betty pick up any new Coke memorabelia for SPF-60?