Monday, November 8, 2010


Indian Ridge campground where we are staying, overlooks this Civil War Battle Field.


A very cool, well laid out, self guided tour.100_2273

Great signage along the way.100_2274

Points of interest clearly marked.


Green River Bridge then., before Confederate raider Morgan burned it.100_2277

Green River Bridge now.


Union snipers, called sharpshooters then, enabled 200 Union infantry to repulse 2500 Confederate Calvary.


Confederate Cemetary.100_2289

Unknown Confederate Calvary Trooper.

It’s pretty cool stuff, walking in the footsteps of America’s History !


Kathy and Robert said...

We find it incredibly moving to walk where soldiers trod.

B. Schell said...

Great pictures. Did you use the Geocaching website to locate the benchmark or did you find it by accident?

mountainborn said...

Used the web site. Though I seldom log them, I have an intrest in them. They are often in the coolest of places !

mountainborn said...

He, he. By the way, I posted the photo of it, wondering if someone would notice. LOL . . . . .Glad you did and understand the signifigance of it.