Friday, December 3, 2010


The Happy Days Soda Fountain and Grill, located in downtown Campbellsville Kentucky is not only a cool place, it is also a great place to eat.  With a couple of old juke boxes, no, not the bubbling Wurlitzer, but instead, the rarer Crosley, the place just reeks of the 50 and 60’s era ! The menu is a blast out of the past ! Here is a look.


Look at the smile of anticipation on Betty’s face as she reads the menu.


If these well worn bricks could only talk !


I ordered the Cheezy Fonz Burger, below.


Betty’s Burger with onion rings.


Cool tee shirts, he, he, you know we had to have em’.


Side door mural, with web address.


Here is a clickable link to their web site:

Link to Happy Days On Line

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Jim and Bobbie said...

Twelve of us ate at Happy Days last night. Food WAS great...huge hamburgers. would do it again, but we are leaving soon and I want another trip to Colton's and Garcia's before we leave.